A.I. Burnasyan Scientific journal FMBC

Clinical Bulletin

ISSN 2782-6430 (print)

State Research Center −Burnasyan Federal Medical Biophysical
Center of Federal Medical Biological Agency

The journal is published in Russian.
Format – A4.
The periodicity of the journal is 4 times a year.

Issue №3 2022 год

The journal highlights the advanced achievements of clinical medicine to provide methodological assistance to a wide range of clinical specialists, summarizes the scientific and practical experience of medical specialists.

Journal “Clinical Bulletin of the FMBC named after A.I. A.I. Burnazyan” is intended to become the third periodical scientific publication of our Center after “Medical Radiology and Radiation Safety” and “Medicine of Disasters” – one of the elements of a kind of strategic triad of publication drivers for promoting relevant scientific information.

The journal publishes scientific articles, scientific reviews, results of experimental and clinical studies.

Journal DOI: https://doi.org/10.33266/2782-6430

Journal mission

The most important tasks of the journal are: generalization of scientific and practical achievements in the field of clinical medicine, improvement of scientific and practical qualifications of doctors, exchange of experience in order to improve medical technologies. The activities of the journal “Clinical Bulletin of the FMBC named after A.I. A.I. Burnazyan” is aimed at improving the professional competencies of clinical medicine specialists and includes summarizing current scientific achievements and advanced medical experience in a wide range of areas. Taking into account the peculiarities of a modern clinic, associated with the widespread use of high technologies, the rapid updating of the algorithms used for diagnosing and treating diseases, it seems extremely important to provide methodological assistance to the doctor in choosing optimal clinical solutions. The key objective of the journal is to increase the level of awareness of doctors of various clinical specialties regarding the prospects for practical application, as well as the effectiveness and safety of new and innovative medical technologies.

Editor-in-Chief – Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences A.S. Samoilov

Editorial address: 123098, Moscow, st. Zhivopisnaya, 46 A.I. Burnazyan FMBA of Russia, Biophysics Publishing House

E-mail: praskurnichey@mail.ru; rcdm@mail.ru

Phone: +7 (903) 796-4195

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