A.I. Burnasyan Scientific journal FMBC

Clinical Bulletin

ISSN 2782-6430 (print)

State Research Center −Burnasyan Federal Medical Biophysical
Center of Federal Medical Biological Agency

The journal is published in Russian.
Format – A4.
The periodicity of the journal is 4 times a year.

Issue №3 2022 год

Policy for plagiarism checking

Only high-quality original research papers are published in the journal. Submission of articles in the journal implies that it has not been published previously or submitted for publication in another journal. When the author (s) use in his works passages of the other articles (in Russian, English or other languages), it is necessary to register them in the form of links to sources or permission of a previous publisher or copyright owner.

Articles iwith plagiarism are not authorized for publishing. If after checking the materials the presence of plagiarism is detected in the article the author, the relevant institution and the sponsoring organization (if any) will be sent a notification of refusal in the publication for the reason stated above.

All the materials that come to the journal are tested for plagiarism by «Anti-plagiarism” system, to be accepted an article must have at least 75% of text uniqueness.

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