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Issue №2 2022 год

A.I. Burnasyan  FMBC clinical bulletin. 2022 № 1

Frequency and Subjective Reasons for Rejecting Repeated Prosthetics on Implants

V.N. Olesova, A.S. Romanov, R.S. Zaslavsky, M.S. Grishkov, A.G. Zveryaev

Medical and Biological University of Innovations and Continuing Education,
SSC FMBC named after A.I. Burnazyan FMBA of Russia, Moscow
Contact person: Olesova Valentina Nicolaevna: olesova@implantat.ru

Purpose: to analyze the frequency and causes of failures of patients with removed implants from repeated prosthetics on dental implants.

Material and methods: The consent or refusal of repeated prosthetics on implants was analyzed in 256 patients with indications for implantation and with previously removed implants. Among the prostheses were both removable and non-removable. 46 patients needed covering prostheses on implants, 14 – non-removable dentures with complete absence of teeth, 58 – non-removable dentures with partial absence of teeth. If the patient refused to perform implantation, he filled out a specially designed questionnaire of 16 questions.

Results: The failure rate of patients with removed implants from re-implantation and prosthetics on implants reaches 46.1%. The main reasons for the refusal of patients from re-implantation are: insufficient period of functioning of prostheses on implants (62.7%) due to the development of chronic inflammation around the implants (55.9%); high cost of prosthetics on implants (44.1%); insufficient good health, constraining the decision on surgical interventions and complex prosthetics (43.2%). Significant factors for refusing implantation can be considered the duration of the prosthetics process on implants, the reluctance of additional bone-plastic surgery, insufficient aesthetics of fixed prostheses on implants. In the complete absence of teeth, the impossibility of permanent prosthetics due to the lack of conditions for installing the proper number of implants causes more than half of the refusals from implantation.

The results obtained on the frequency and reasons for rejections of re-implantation among people with previous experience of using prostheses on implants, in fact, reflect a subjective assessment of the effectiveness of prosthetics on implants. According to the survey data, the directions of the necessary improvement of the implantation method and the organization of dental implantology were revealed. In particular, measures are required to effectively prevent chronic periimplant inflammation as a reason for reducing the service life of prostheses on implants; it is necessary to reduce the cost of prosthetics on implants and the implants themselves; to improve the methods of non-removable prosthetics in the complete absence of teeth.
Keywords: removal of implants, repeated prosthetics, refusal of implantation, causes
For citation: Olesova V.N., Romanov A.S., Zaslavsky R.S., Grishkov M.S., Zveryaev A.G. Frequency and Subjective Reasons for Rejecting Repeated Prosthetics on Implants. A.I. Burnasyan Federal Medical Biophysical Center Clinical Bulletin. 2022.1:27-30. (In Russian) DOI: 10.33266/2782-6430-2022-1-27-30

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Conflict of interest. The authors declare no conflict of interest.
Financing. The study had no sponsorship.
Contribution. Article was prepared with equal participation of the authors.
Article received: 20.01.2022. Accepted for publication: 01.02.2022

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